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Chosen Prey: by Cheyenne McCray


Lyra Collins has made a life for herself in a sleepy artists’ community in Arizona. Having escaped from a cult five years ago, she keeps a low profile, making a living as an artist. But when a mysterious man with a dark, dangerous look appears on her doorstep, she knows it’ s time to run again.
Former cop Dare Lancaster didn’ t mean to lead a bunch of fanatical cult members straight to Lyra’ s door. But now that he’ s gotten her into this mess, he’ s determined to get her out. The frantic heat their bodies generate whenever they’ re together makes him want to save her…
Neal Barker’ s grandfather was the first Prophet Jericho, and Neal now rules the Temple of Light commune unchecked. According to his visions, he and Lyra are destined to produce the new Messiah, so he will stop at nothing to make her his own. But soon Dare will discover just how far he’ ll go to protect Lyra— and never let her go.



Deadly Game: by Christine Feehan


In this direct sequel to "Conspiracy Game," the Rqueen of paranormal romanceS ("Publishers Weekly") presents her most electrifying game yet, in a novel that explores the limits of endurance and the boundaries of passion in a life-and-death struggle to survive.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time: by Andrea Kane

Sally Montgomery anticipated a romantic weekend getaway. What she got instead was a nightmare of unrelenting terror. The murder of her companion and the torching of their cabin sends Sally into hiding—from the police, who believe she’s a suspect . . . and from the killer, who wants her dead.

Desperate and alone in the woods, Sally has nowhere to run and nowhere to turn—except to her ex-husband, former NYPD detective-turned-private investigator Pete Montgomery, and their daughter Devon, who inherited her father’s investigative instincts. Devon’s search for the truth takes her dangerously close to the powerful Pierson clan and its enigmatic heir apparent, Blake Pierson. But with Olympic show-jumping gold at stake and his family’s empire threatened, whose side is Blake on? Time is rapidly running out for Devon. Racing the clock, she must prove her mother’s innocence and outmaneuver the killer before her tactics put her in the wrong place, and one more step will mean certain death.


See No Evil: by Allison Brennan

A cunning killer hides in plain sight.

A troubled teenage girl has been charged with the grisly murder of her stepfather. The evidence is damning: Emily was found alone at the scene with blood on her hands, and an incriminating e-mail she wrote outlines a murder plot identical to the method of the brutal slaying. But deputy district attorney Julia Chandler believes her niece is innocent, and she’s determined to keep the promise she made to protect her dead brother’s daughter–even if it means hiring private eye Connor Kincaid . . . the man who blames her for forcing his resignation from the police department.

Together Julia and Connor uncover a chain of unsolved violent crimes tied to an unorthodox therapist whose anonymous online patients purge their anger by posting lethal fantasies. But someone in the group has turned vigilante, turning the game of virtual murder into a flesh-and-blood vendetta.

After evil is seen, face your ultimate fear.


P. G. County: by Connie Briscoe

Barbara Bentley is fifty, rich, fabulous, and the wife of the powerful Bradford Bentley. She has more than enough trouble keeping track of her handsome but all-hands husband while keeping her drinking problem in check

Pearl is a hairdresser who lives on the outskirts of the tony Silver Lake with her grown son, Kenyatta. As Pearl strives to grow her business and recover from a bad divorce, she also has to deal with Kenyatta’s new girlfriend, Ashley, who is not at all the match Pearl imagined for her son.

The married Jolene, the black-sheep daughter of a prominent judge, beds down more than one promising candidate as she pursues a wealthy and powerful replacement for her earnest and hardworking husband.

Candice Johnson is remarried, white, and liberal, at least she always fancied herself as such until her daughter enters into a serious relationship with a young black man, and Candice’s life as she knows it is suddenly called into question.

Lee is a teenager on the run from her mother’s abusive boyfriend and in search of her own father whom she believes to be handsome, rich,and all-powerful.

In Connie Briscoe’s big new splashy novel, five lives intersect in the swish and swanky, rich and raucous Prince George’s County. With more than a nod to Peyton Place, Connie Briscoe has created a fabulously fun novel that will delight, excite, and entertain.



Restore My Heart


Leo Desalvo, a loving husband and father is dead. It appears he committed suicide, but nothing could be further from the truth. And Leos wife knows it. Although he’d rather grieve in private, Joe Desalvo agrees to help his mother prove a murder occurred, not a suicide. Sally Clay desperately needs her auto restoration business to succeed. Not only is it her livelihood, but shes caring for her father. She hopes the garage will lure him out of his self-imposed exile and back to the world of cars he once loved. But new competition, and the death of her best customer, auto dealer Leo Desalvo, leave her struggling. When Joe approaches Sally to appraise his fathers rare, classic sports car, she welcomes the business. Theres something fishy about the car, however, and Sally is beginning to suspect shady dealings in Leos business. Is Joe involved too? When her long-time friend and employee is murdered, Sally realizes its too late to back out of the investigation shes inadvertently stumbled into. And it seems its too late for her heart as well.


The Last Spymaster: by Gayle Lynds


As chief of the CIA’ s elite Clandestine Services, Jay Tice was a legend throughout the world of international intelligence. But secretly he was also a traitor, selling information that would compromise the security of the United States for decades to come. Since his treachery was exposed, Tice has been kept under strict surveillance in a maximum security prison. Then one morning, his cell is discovered empty. Tice has vanished— without tripping an alarm or leaving any trace of his passing.
Elaine Cunningham is a hunter, a CIA operative who specializes in finding people who don’ t want to be found. Young, gifted, and a maverick, she is assigned to track Tice— until she discovers there is far more at stake than an old spy’ s last run for freedom.
Lurking in the shadows are other hidden players with their own lethal agendas… and from Geneva to Washington, Berlin to New York City, a deadly conspiracy is coalescing. With only a few hours to go and the future of millions in the balance, Cunningham must uncover the truth behind the legend of


Nam-a-rama: by Phillip Jennings

Everybody knows War is Hell. Only the Few and the Proud know what fun Hell can be.
Here it is, folks: "How the cow ate the cabbage" in the CLASSIFIED words of the President hisself [sic]. TOP SECRET stuff. EYES ONLY. If you want to know the real story (and you know you do)-
"Nam-A-Rama" is "Catch 22" meets "Apocalypse Now." It''s the wildest, wackiest, saddest and truest war story ever told, because it''s all made-up, which means it''s all real-from the oatmeal dropped on the VC (the Marines won''t eat it) to the naked movie star parachuting into Hanoi; from the jarhead who calls in air strikes from a Bangkok brothel to the "Sky-Kyke" who fills out the Marine Corps'' diversity quota; from the businessmen demanding a long inventory-reducing war to the Pentagon brass hoping for a glorious medal-worthy one; from the locals who''ll do anything for a Yankee dollar to the grunts nobody ever asked and never will.
It starts and ends, like all the best adventures, in the air. Almost-Captain Gearheardt and his buddy, Almost-Captain Armstrong, are ferrying bodies (live in, dead out) for the CIA''s Air America, but they have never forgotten their TOP SECRET orders, given when Gearheardt was delivering pizzas to the Oval Office for the CIA: Chopper into Hanoi and buy Uncle Ho a beer. Then either shoot his ass or shake his hand (the instructions get vague at this point).
And so they do, Semper Fi, pausing only to get an aircraft carrier black-flagged for bubonic plague, have an affair with Mickey Mouse, cleverly decode the message sewn into a lusty spy''s black panties, commandeer a Russian truck complete with a midget Chinese ''Uncle Sam, '' avenge themselves on a Cuban torturer, and dutifullyexperience all the Honor and Glory of the next-to-the-next-to-last war that never (God forbid) made the Nightly News.
And they do it all for laughs. Because if they were to stop laughing, where would the heartache end?
Phillip Jennings'' unpredictable novel of Vietnam is an American classic in the making, a not-so-longing look at the absurdity of a war in which the damned and the innocent share the same hootch, the same Commander-in-Chief, and sometimes even the same body-bag. You won''t stop laughing, or thinking.


Highland Warrior: by Connie Mason

Ross MacKenna and Gillian MacKay battle with their swords for the honor of their clans, but what weapons can they use in their duel of passion when an alliance forces them to wed?


Wish Come True: by Patricia Kay

Kate Bishop wanted—no, she needed—money, and fast. Her roof needed replacing. Her kids needed tuition. Her car was not long for this world. Her ex-husband was a cheap creep. Until one day her wildest fantasy came true—she won the lottery. She—and her family—would never want for anything again. She should be the happiest person on earth—right?

Wrong. Because suddenly everything changed. Her wish came true, but now what? These days there was only one special man who seemed to want her for who she was-and not what she had. It almost made her long to go back.


The Marcelli Princess: by Mary Ann Mitchell

A smart, independent woman with a gorgeous four-year-old son, Mia Marcelli lost her one true love. Four years ago, while working undercover for the CIA, she watched Diego, the father of her unborn child, perish before her very eyes -- crumbling the world around her. But one morning she awakens to find Diego lying next to her, alive and well with an unbelievable confession: he is really Rafael, Prince of Calandria, and he had been working covertly on the same mission when they met -- his death had been staged. Utterly stunned, Mia is wary and delighted -- she may have suffered a broken heart, but her breathtakingly handsome lover is back to reignite the passion that existed between them. Little does she know that Rafael has returned to give his newfound son a proper upbringing back in Calandria -- even if it means seducing Mia into marriage. But when Rafael finds himself truly falling for this luscious beauty, he must decide between his royal duties and the woman who has claimed his heart.


The Witch: by Mary Ann Mitchell


Deep in the basement a wooden box sits on a table. Demons that were called into the world are etched on the box. With tiny claws they writhe, push, and scratch at the wood, attempting to gain freedom. The forked tongues flick the air, bulbous noses scent, swollen cheeks pulse. Their icy determined voices vibrate the atmosphere with inaudible high-pitched screeches calling for revenge.Five-year old Stephens mother, Cathy, is dead. Her body was cremated, her ashes cast into the ocean. Yet her spirit hovers over Stephen. It urges him to go down to the basement. For Stephen is meant to be the demons instrument. His innocence will be their mask, his love their weapon.Because Stephens father ended his affair with the babysitter too late. And Stephens oppressive, demanding grandmother must pay for the pain she selfishly forced on her daughter.With blue eyes and cherub smile, Stephen will set out to punish Mommys persecutors.



Kingdom Come: by Tim Green


From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Exact Revenge" comes a sweeping thriller that incorporates classic themes of murder and vengeance.


No Safe Place: by JoAnn Ross


Chicago homicide detective Kate Delaney fiercely defends victims. Which is why -- despite death threats -- she''s testifying to a federal grand jury about local police corruption. It''s also why she''s infuriated by the New Orleans police department''s blasÉ attitude toward her estranged sister''s death. But pursuing an investigation in a strange city means allying with someone who knows the territory. And the players. Someone with a total disregard for the rules.

As an ex-cop from a police family, New Orleans PI Nick Broussard knows that cops live by their own code. You don''t rat out a fellow officer. The last thing he needs is some smart-mouthed, by-the-book outsider unknowingly injecting herself into his undercover search for the truth. Even worse is the way she conjures up visions of tangled sheets....

Nick and Kate''s chase pits them against the criminal underworld of the sultry southern city. And as they peel away layers of deadly deception, they discover a dark secret too many are willing to kill to keep.


Fit To Be Tied: by Karen Kendall

This is Jen's shining moment, her wedding day, and all she can think about are her blueberry stained teeth, her crazy soon-to-be-divorced parents, and her missing shoe. What's really on her mind, though, is the book that the pastor gave her: Will Your Marriage Last? And now she's just not so sure. She survives the wedding, but can't even get through the honeymoon. Totally losing it, she asks her husband (of only one day) for a divorce. Going to divorce court is ugly-but with these fresh wounds and new insight on what marriage is and actually was, she's growing closer to her love than ever before. Will it take losing her husband-and mind-to show her what she always had?


Corrupts Absolutely: by Alexa Hunt

First came "the Slaughter": the Colombian drug cartel launched a massive attack on American soil, assassinating thousands of federal judges and law enforcement officers in an attempt to stop the crackdown on drugs. Then came public outrage: Congress created a new supersecret agency, the Bureau of Illegal Substance Control. BISC operatives short-circuit due process, acting as judge, jury, and executioner for drug traffickers. When she loses her kid brother to a drug OD, Leah Berglund is recruited by BISC. She becomes one of their finest agents and a skillful assassin. She has a perfect kill record for every guilty verdict. Then she is assigned to a special case...
Elliott Delgado was a hot shot FBI agent until a burst of machine-gun fire retired him on a disability pension. Now all Del wants is to spend time with his son and enjoy his new career as a Pulitzer Prize--winning reporter. Until he receives a phone call from his old mentor at the FBI....
Posing as a research assistant to Del, Leah investigates secret drug charges against him while he uncovers a conspiracy between BISC and the Pentagon. He learns that the war on drugs is about to go nuclear. The Western Hemisphere will be flash-fried if the conspirators are not stopped. As she digs deeper into Del''s case, Leah realizes she has been set up to kill an innocent man.
Now she and Del are running targets as BISC agents chase them from Mexico to Maine. America''s worst nightmare is set to begin if they can''t run fast enough.


Secret Fantasy: by Cheryl Holt

Orphaned at a young age and sent to live with selfish relatives, Margaret Gray has no dowry and no chance of ever marrying. When her aunt invites Jordan Prescott for a visit, hoping to entice him into offering for Margaret''s spoiled cousin, the dashing war hero instead tempts Margaret into a truly decadent decision. If Margaret cannot have a husband, perhaps she dares, just once, to taste the pleasures of the flesh? Now that she''s awakened to her own desires and sensations, she is drawn body and soul into a rapturous clandestine liaison.
Since his dissolute father squandered the family fortune, Jordan is required to marry an heiress in order to provide for his half-siblings. Yet no woman has ever aroused him as much as Margaret. Her sedate exterior belies a bold, curious spirit and tantalizing sexuality. A single illicit tryst becomes a month-long journey in carnal abandon, but with Jordan''s visit drawing to a close, can their passion survive the dangerous scheming that threatens to keep them apart?

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