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Here are some links for homework help...


Ask an Exper- connects you with real live people in a specific field.

Canada’s SchoolNet - an educational site with over 5,000 learning resources       - a great place to find help with words, grammar, synonyms and antonyms.

Eureka! – math, science and literacy help  You can even ask a teacher.

2 learn-Canadian homework help for teens.

The Internet Public Library - a place to help you get started with research on a project or paper   

The Canadian Encyclopedia - games, projects and research tool -
        Hosted by Historica, a foundation who's main goal is to provide Canadians a meaningful understanding of the past and future.



Alta Vista Canada - brilliant for hard to find specific information hidden somewhere on the Web. - keeps you up-to-date with news and information with publications and on-line newspapers

Dogpile - "Arfie" guards your the search as it goes through many search engines

Ixquick - metasearch engine

Northern Light - search the web and other sources as abstracts, newswires and periodicals.

Yahoo! Canada - a subject-oriented search 

Google - a search engine that allows you to search over 8 billion web pages using a variety of different features such as book search and search by number

Search AllinOne MetaSearch - a metasearch engine with a "grouping" feature that helps you zero in on the results you want



Cyberteen - includes links to games, a creatively page with work by teens

Much Music - keeps you in beat with the latest in music, news, information and concert listings.

Teen Go4Go web - provides you with fashion, movie reviews. games and yes homework help.                             

Teen Hoopla  - links to sites from comics to homework help to what other teens are saying.

Teen - just like the magazine, this site has the latest information on your favorite stars.

TeenSpace - provides information on arts, education, and dating to sports.

Ultimate Band List - provides the UBL top 100, online events, news and videos on your favorite bands/musicians.


We do try to keep the links current. 
If there is a link you think should be added to this page, email us and let us know.


Check em out!

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